Pathos Dare to be Digital 2015


Software Used


-Maya 2015



-Adobe Flash


Team Size


.5 person




.7 weeks




-Level Designer

-Game Designer

-Project Manager

-Puzzle Designer

-Audio Designer


Project Category


This was a Dare to be Digital Project

Pitch Video

Below is information about the game I entered Dare to be Digital 2015 with. We entered with our Game 'Pathos' which is a 3D puzzle adventure game with a strong rhetoric for Android and handheld devices. 


For this project I took on the role of level, game designer and project manager. 


Below I have provided information on my areas of the game. These include concepting puzzles during pre production, designing puzzles for the final game and designing the levels.



This game successfully made it to the finals of Dare 2015 and took part in the ProtoPlay event.


Take a look at our pitch video and game trailer or scroll down to see some puzzle designs and information of the work I completed for Pathos.


This game was the winner of the Channel 4 award and the Design in Action award.

The image below is the plan for the second level known as 'The Bell'.

The image below shows the final level layout along with the camera positions and what areas they will be showing.

You can click the PDF links below to see the puzzle solutions for these levels. Hopefully this will give you a better idea about how the game would have played and functioned.

Detailed Information

On Pathos I had a large involvment in Level and Puzzle design as well as the other tasks that I have listed above. The final levels and puzzles that were used in Pathos for Dare to be Digital went thrugh many iterations during the production of the game. We wanted the level to consist of three main puzzles or challenges that the players would have to complete to finish the level.


There would be minor challenges in the level as well that would fill in the gaps between these main challenges. Since Pathos is a Puzzle Adventure game we felt very strongly about giving the player something to explore. This is the reason for the long corridors, and is the main reason for the dopples to exist. 


The dopples were used as a 'adversary' for the player. Pathos is a non violent game and we had to design the level around this. The dopples job is to get in the player's way and hinder them. Therefore the dopples push the player off of balance beams that the player needs to cross to proceed in the level.


The puzzles are intended to get progressively harder and require more thinking as the game progresses. One main mechanic that was featured in Pathos was the flip mechanic. The flip mechanic is used when the player reaches a portal and then flips their handheld device. The flip sends the player into a world that is exactly the same as the previous but, has some key differences. For example in order to solve some puzzles in the normal world the player must flip and acquire several puzzle pieces that are needed back in the normal world.


This flip mechanic would provide the player with a mirrored world and this meant that we had to design the levels and puzzles in a way so that the player could easily navigate the level but, still have some challenge no mattter what state they were in.


Below is a level plan for the Cave.

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