The Scientists Machine

Software Used


-Maya 2015


-Unreal Engine 4



Team Size


.1 person




.Less than 3 Months




-Level Designer

-3D Modeller

-Texture Artist


Project Category


This was a University Project.

Level Video

Detailed Information





This was a solo project and I was the only team member, the brief for it was to build a modular scene in Maya and UE4. It had to contain assets of my own creation and could be no more than 200,000 polys. I started this project by first choosing when and where I would be building my scientist machine scene. I chose to go for someting similar to a vault from Fallout, this came naturally due to the fact that I was trying to combine an Art Deco style of the 1920s with futuristic looking equipment.





I drew up the plans and decided to build three different rooms with a corridor between them. I built an office, storage room and the main lab area. The corridor was designed to have lots of turns in it to try and keep the player interested.



















On this plan I show where the angled walls will be, where the stairs will be and the changes in height on the level and where the machine will be positioned.


Following this I built the white box to get the size of my level right and to find other ways to make the walls more interesting. This is what led to the angular walls in the level.




































Once the white box was complete I began texturing the level and building the assets in Maya and texturing them. I wanted all of the textures to look old, dirty and warn down.












































The textures were taken off of CGTextures but, I did edit them in Photoshop and the UE4 editor to produce the textures you see.





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