Blocktober 2018


Software Used


-Unreal Engine 4



Level Video



I built this level during Blocktober 2018. I was aiming to build something that would work as a setting for a mission in an RPG or action adventure game similar to Fable or God of War.


I was mainly focusing on giving players clear paths of travel and creating evocative spaces with the simple shapes.


The levels intended gameplay is as follows:


-Players have to work their way to the gold tower fighting varying enemy types as they progress.

-The corridors linking the areas would have a traversal puzzle (swinging blades/ spike traps) that would require a timing element to pass through safely.

-The final area with the gold tower in it would have a high concentration of enemies with narrow combat space. This is intended to act as the players final test of skill in the level.


The intended gameplay time is 10-15 mins.


What you see is the work completed on the level in my spare time during October. The project is still ongoing.

All work is copyrighted to their respective owners © 2018 | Tom Pugh,