Scientists Machine Assets











This is a collection of assets that were used in my Scientists Machine project. These models were built and unwrapped in Maya 2015, they were then textured in Photoshop and normal maps were made in CrazyBump. 


These assets were used to populate my scientists machine level which can be found by clicking the button below. In that scene they are fully textured with metalness and roughness maps.




















I wanted all of the assets in this scene to look dirty and worn. It was very interesting learning how to make a texture and then use the material editor in Unreal Engine 4 to adjust them.




















Unwrapping is not one of my strong points however, I do feel that I created some good textures and unwraps. 





















The models are all based on an art deco style of the 1920s and the machinery is made to have an retro sci fi feel to it.


Some base Textures were taken from CGTextures.



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