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You can play this game using the link below:


This was a solo university project. The brief was to create a game that had three different camera positions the player could switch between, objects the player can destroy, a timer, objects that are destroyed by bullets, a score system and other minor mechanics. I decided to build a shooter where the player can move left and right to avoid asteroids and shoot at the asteroids and enemy ships to gain a high score.















































This game was programmed in Jave Script using the Unity Engine.


The main features of the game are a bespoke player controller, homing missiles and a decoy that the player can deploy. Lasers the player shoots, enemy ships that fires missiles, asteroids that are flying towards the player and ammo pick ups.






















The coding for this game was completed by myself and it was the first game I coded in Java Script. To see more on the scripting you can click the button below.












































The above image shows some of the script, that was written for Space Rocks 3D


The art was taken from outside sources and was not completed by myself.


You can play this game using the link below:



Detailed Information



Game Video

Software Used



-ACID music Studio 2010





Team Size


.1 person




.Less than 3 Months




-Game Designer


-Audio Designer


Project Category


This was a University Project.