Software Used







Team Size


.3 person




.72 Hours 





-Project Manager

-Game Designer

-Sound Designer



Project Category


This was a Ludum Dare Jam Project.



World Dominator was created in 72 hours as part of Ludum Dare 35. World Dominator is a completley procedurally generated RPG/Rogue Like game where the player must clear all the tiles around their castle to dominate the world. The game has been designed to be completey random so that the player has a different experience everytime.


The players weaons and armour have different stats and a levlling system for the player and the monsters has been implemented.


My main roles were game design, sound design and art. I learnt alot about the amount of work I could complete within 72 hours and under pressure. Taking part in Ludum Dare was a great experience and I plan to take part in my more throughout the years.

World Dominator LD35

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